Our services

From network planning to obtaining permits and implementation

- TM Global delivers the total solution

Network planning

  • Detail planning of FTTH networks

  • Planning of distribution components

  • Documentation of existing fixtures

  • Coordination and control of construction works

  • Obtaining public legal approvals

  • Use of software (e.g. dpCom)

    Installation work

    • Appointments for house connection

    • Insertion of fiber optic cable

    • Installation of house connections

    • Single-family and multi-family houses

    Civil engineering and construction

    • Preparation of pipe plans

    • Production of cable trenches and routes

    • Laying of cable protection pipes

    • Restoration of surfaces

    • Transport and disposal of excavated materials

    • Installation of distribution components

    Communication in real-time

    Through OCIUS-X technology, we can present our progress in construction work to clients in real-time. This ensures that the overview is maintained at all times.

    TM Global - now also active in Germany


    In Scandinavia, we look back on +15,000 successfully connected households. In addition to a focus on Sweden, projects were also successfully completed in Norway, Denmark, and Finland.


    With German construction managers, project managers, and construction workers, we now also support network expansion in Germany. Here, we lay emphasis on employees with local knowledge and digital project management.

    Contact us and we will find a flexible solution for your project.